Celebrate With Gratitude . . .

Celebrate with gratitude the gifts within each new day. Take nothing for granted.

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The Role Of An Artist . . .


“We’re All In This Together” by Marylou Falstreau. http://www.MFalstreau.com


Now is not the time to attack with outrage or anger. What is of critical importance is to continue to send forth the energy of love, empowerment and forgiveness.

This is the role of an artist, to be a creative agent that pierces the darkness with love and forgiveness that brings people together, that helps people see that they are more the same than different, that the only salvation is to understand that we are all in this together and we must honor this fact.

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Happy Birthday To A Special Friend . . .

woo-hooThe following is dedicated to my lifelong friend Wally Clark who is having a birthday today. Once again for a few months Wally will be older than me, the “senior partner” in our life long friendship. But not to worry Wally, soon I will be just as “old” as you, and hopefully as wise.

Happy Birthday my friend . . . Alan


A man’s age is something impressive,

it sums up his life; maturity reached slowly

and against many obstacles, illnesses cured,

griefs and despairs overcome, and

unconscious risks taken; maturity formed

through so many desires, hopes, regrets,

forgotten things, loves. A man’s age

represents a fine cargo of experiences and


From: “A Guide For Grown-ups” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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See Beyond The Surface . . .


You must see beyond the surface to begin to understand the total dimensions of a person. This takes time, an open heart, and a tamed ego.

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Fear and Anger . . .

sunFear at times is a dangerous untrustworthy motivator that only builds walls and destroys the potential for meaningful relationships.

Anger is fear’s bodyguard, which is why it is so dangerous, and turns good people into a destructive force.

Kindness matters.

Empathy matters.

Compassion matters.

Be the light, not a contributor to fear and anger.

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For You Today . . .




The most important thing you can do for yourself this day is to send forth peace, love and positive energy to others.

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Random Acts of Kindness . . .


During these stressful, contentious times be awake and be aware of opportunities to share random acts of kindness. It is the seemingly small simple things that can make a tremendous difference in another person’s life.

Everyone you meet deserves a warm smile and a kind word. Everyone. A smile is free and so is kindness. You will feel better and so will they.

Please do yourself a favor; be awake and be aware of opportunities to share random acts of kindness.

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Shine The Light . . .





Be the light that helps illuminate the path out of the darkness by shinning on the goodness that resides within everyone.

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The Very Best Within You . . .

sunFocus on the words and thoughts that evoke the very best within you and those around you. Be a contributor of empowering energy, not a critic of other people’s energy, for it does not matter what they may do or not do. What matters is your contribution to the “Universal Good” of all.


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Reasons To Feel Offended . . .


You can always find reasons to feel offended. We encourage you instead to find reasons for gratitude and happiness. Your world, and the world of those around you, will become much brighter.

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