Small Simple Steps . . .


Find peace in the small, simple steps.

Do not become swept away and trapped by attempting the complex dance steps of the world. This dance will tangle up your arms and feet and confuse you; for it is based upon the myth of perfection, and perfections is always fed by the ego.

Patience and Peace


Growth is a series of small steps, some of which are challenging and take great moments of patience.

Be at peace, whatever challenge you may face be at peace. For challenges are important learning and growth experiences.

Yes, this means “the peace that passes all understanding”. And please remember that growth is a journey . . . not a destination.

Be Who You Wish To See . . .


Be an example of the change you want to see.

Keep your vessel clean with truth and love, not fear and worry. It is about compassion, for yourself and others, not about fear and worry.

Always asking, within each moment, “who do I want to be?” The answer: you must be the energy your desire to see in your life.  Yes, we are talking to you!

Focus Upon The Light . . .


Everything you think, say or do generates either light or dark energy. Just like there are two sides of a coin, there are two sides to every human experience. What you focus on and the stories you tell is the energy field you become.

Focus upon the light so you will not be swept away by the darkness. Be the light so that others may see.

This day spark the light to extinguish the darkness.