Look Toward The Horizon . . .

When you look out toward the horizon there is a vast panorama of possibilities before you. Continue to look to the horizon, understanding that as you are looking  you are not seeing everything that is there. In fact, more is unseen than is being perceived by your eyes. Do not judge the horizon by what you think is missing and what you do not see.

To see the unseen, you must see with your heart. As you do so much more will be revealed to your eyes. And most importantly, much more will unfold and come into your experience.

Yes, do not judge the horizon or anything else by what you may see only with your eyes.

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You Can’t See The Wind . . .

You can’t see the wind, but you know it is there. It exists. You can’t see it with your eyes, but you feel it. You experience it. At times you can see its impact by the movement of the leaves in the tress, but still you cannot actually see the wind.

Much of life is that way. You must feel it and experience its impact…. not only observe it with your eyes to know that it is real.

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During These Times Of Change . . .

People are reinventing themselves during these times of transition and change. This is why differing types of “glasses” must be utilized in the viewing.

Clarity comes from not having a fixed rigid perspective.  Instead, embrace one that flows easily like water going down and through the mountain valleys. Water, as you know, is soft and powerful. Be like water this day. Flow softly with power.

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A Call For Our Better Angels . . .

“There is power in softness and a gentle word, for it reaches all corners of the mind, body and soul. Be, to the best of your ability a living example of a gentle word in all you do. For this is what changes lives, yours as well as others, for the best.


156 years ago, at the beginning of the Civil War, our Country was deeply divided. Abraham Lincoln had just been elected President and during his Inaugural Address he attempted to reach out to what he called his “dissatisfied fellow-countrymen” in an effort to avoid the coming conflict.

In his Inaugural Address, which was written in a spirit of reconciliation,the 16th president said:

“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection . . . we must find the Better Angels of our Nature.”

As Lincoln observed, our country was in a battle . . . and it was the battle between the impulses of good and evil.

Once again today, our Country is deeply divided. The labels are not “black” and “white” as in Lincoln’s time, but “red and “blue”.

My prayer for you this day is that before you speak upon matters of importance . . . you will pause . . . and call upon your “Better Angels”.


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Two Important Things . . .

There are two important things to remember this day. First, treat yourself like you would like others to treat you. Second, treat others like you would like to be treated.

No, this is not a riddle. It is an important truth.

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Your Strengths and Weaknesses

To truly love yourself you must first look inward and allow your heart to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Please note: do not allow your ego to label your weaknesses as faults, for they are not and this form of labeling is what leads you down the road of victimhood.

Allow your heart to love and embrace your strengths and weaknesses. Understand they are both important, for they make up the beautiful and unique you….and therein lies much to love.

Acknowledge your strengths and distribute them widely. Acknowledge your weaknesses and ask for help and assistance in these areas.

This is the answer you have been waiting for.

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Honor Who You Are . . .


Honor who you are. Do not allow others to attempt to remake you into the image they have of themselves.

At the same time, honor them for who they are and do not attempt to make them into the image of who you think they should be.

Most importantly, honor the beauty of the contrasting images of all people.

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Be Real In All You Do . . .

Be real in all you do and say. There is no need to be a “people pleaser” in a world that is filled full of people walking around with artificial facades, spewing platitudes of what they think others want them, as well as you, to say and be.

Be true to yourself and as a result, you will be real to all those you may encounter.

Please note: we didn’t say this will be easy, however we do say that this is very important.

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Love . . . Heal . . . Forgive


As you allow the energy of Love to flow through you, healing takes place on multiple levels, affecting multiple people. As you Heal so does the world around you. As you love, so does the world around you. As you Forgive, so does the world around you.

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Trapped In The Chaos of Others



You do not need to allow yourself to be trapped in the chaos of others simply because you think you should politely listen. Instead, politely remove yourself from the noise and chaos.

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