Why The Struggles . . .

I asked the Guys “Why the struggles . . . why the having to always overcome?”

So you can get to the heart . . . your core being. It’s not only you that goes through this process . . . everyone does in their own way . . . even though most is hidden from others. Those people you see in this moment as successful have experienced also many earthly struggles and obstacles to overcome.

“But why?” I asked.

So that you will uncover and discover your true talents and abilities . . . not necessarily what others may tell you they are.

“But why!” I asked again.

So that you will keep asking why . . . and uncover the truth about your true nature.

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Opportunity Is Often Disguised . . .

Opportunity is often disguised in random experiences that at the time seem uneventful. That is why it is important to embrace each experience as a meaningful event . . . even when you . . . in that moment don’t know why.

Great everyone you meet as a meaningful person in your life . . . for they are. Even though many times you may not know why. However, the importance is there nonetheless.

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See What Others Are Unwilling To See . . .

See what others are unwilling to see . . .

Share what others are unwilling to share . . .

Create what others are unwilling to create . . .

Powerful softness in every possible moment.

Approach all you do with this theme in mind. Observe your surroundings from this perspective and the infinite possibilities will continue to unfold. Don’t chase the money . . . be the magnet for possibilities.

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A Time Of Creation . . .

Each moment is a time of creation . . . a piece of the landscape where you dwell . . . a color of vibrancy or shades of darkness where you live.

Each moment contributes to the painting and to your story. Be conscious and choose colors that blend well with you and your path. Choose colors that serve you and others well. Choose the colors that radiate the energy you desire to exhibit in the story of your painting.

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Experience Each Moment . . .

Don’t push, allow this day to unfold. Have no concern for all of your tomorrows, as they will appear at the right time in the right way.

Experience all that surrounds you in each new moment, as that is the essence of life. It is in waiting for your expectations of tomorrow that keep you trapped and your muscles tight. Be here now and your muscles will learn to relax and experience life in all its beauty.

See and experience the beauty that is before you in the moment.

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Each New Day . . .

Each new day brings a clean slate of new possibilities. Each new sunrise brings restored energy to open doors and move you forward. Do not allow any perceived cloud cover to confuse you into believing otherwise. The clouds always burn off, and then, once again the sun appears with its energy to move you forward to the infinite possibilities from which you may choose.

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All Is Well . . .

All is well . . .

Just remember:

It is the space between the notes that makes the music.

It is the contrasts that define and paint the pictures.

It is thinking with the heart that gives clarity and focus.

All is well. Yes all is truly well!

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Experience The Rhythm And Pattern

Each new day . . . experience the rhythm and pattern of each new day. Feel the rhythm at a deep connecting level . . . the vibrations of life around you as people pass by. There are, as you are discovering, as many rhythms as there are people . . . and it is your awareness of the beats and rhythms passing by that allow you to choose those that fit into the symphony you are now creating . . . the beautiful sounds of your symphony.

At times it is simple, as at times it is complex . . . however there is great depth and beauty in what you are creating. There is brightness, harmony and joy. And . . . one very important thing to remember . . . this creative masterpiece which we call your life . . . is an unfinished symphony . . . a work of art that continues onward to grow always. For if it was ever to be finished . . . to come to an end . . . your purpose in life would no longer have a vehicle for the expression of your passion. And without the expression of your passion . . . life would be less bright, less joyful, and less beautiful.

For you see . . . it is in the creating of your symphony that your beauty and power are found. You must always be creating.

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Choose Your Words Wisely



The words you speak, either verbally or written, have power.

You define yourself by the words you use. Choose your words wisely.

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Three Powerful Statements For 2019

  • Use the power of your words in the direction of truth and love.
  • Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want.
  • Under any circumstances, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgement, self-abuse and regret.
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