My Eyes Are Open . . .

The following is a Guest Post by Becka . . .

“I opened her arms so the flowers could Bloom.”




My eyes are open to the maps of my own potential. I can change the map as I go, if I choose. You stop for gas because you need it to keep going.

Words and Art by Becka . . .



Becka is our new High School intern and she comes to help us every Wednesday, at our Studio here in Grass Valley.

What a delight! Not only is she creative and she is extremely competent, wise and has been a big help to us in so many ways.

Becka has time to create while here and this is one of her newest paintings. When Marylou asked what she had in mind she said “I opened her arms so the flowers could Bloom.”

So there you have it. Another girl to inspire us all…

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4 Responses to My Eyes Are Open . . .

  1. A wonderful way of saying, it’s okay to rest and take care of yourself. .


  2. Jacqueline Cathcart says:

    Bravo Becka !!! You are in good hands to explore your creativity. I do like your painting.


  3. Bridgette says:

    Very beautiful and what I needed today. Becka’s work is outstanding! Thank you.


  4. Beth Grebe says:

    It is good to read what is from you! Beautiful!


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