Words Are Powerful . . .

Words are powerful, choose them wisely for the words you choose impact your thoughts, which then translate into actions, be they positive or negative.

Pay attention to the words you choose to put into your mind and memory. The more you focus on a thought pattern, the deeper it becomes ingrained in your mind and will affect your ensuing action.

Yes, words are powerful . . . choose them wisely.

Words of Fear bring more fear . . .

Words of Love bring more love . . .

Words of less than bring you smallness . . .

Words of encouragement bring you growth.

It’s really your choice, the words you speak and think.

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2 Responses to Words Are Powerful . . .

  1. Karen Wrigley says:

    I love these words. I will be printing them out to read daily. Thank you. Karen


  2. J L Cathcart says:

    Nide reminder, Alan


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