Your Truths and Your Beliefs

A thought to ponder for 2019 . . .

The truth can be your belief.

However . . .

Your belief may or may not be the truth.

Happy New Year and all the best for you in 2019!


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One Response to Your Truths and Your Beliefs

  1. J L Cathcart says:

    So true — but if you believe it — it is true to you.
    And that is where trouble can begin —-depending on how rigid you are in your belief system — or it can be what some might call a blessing to be so sure of everything — in the end it is all about what you believe to be true. So for example — if you believe the earth is flat — it is flat — If I I am not always sure of what to believe — that makes me a sceptic — or an inquiring mind? But one needs to believe in Hope and Love. Happy New Year Alan.


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