3 thoughts on “Kindness Is The Word For This Day . . .

  1. Nanci Mason

    On Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 6:12 AM Alan Falstreau – Whispers In My Ear wrote:

    > Alan Falstreau – Whispers In My Ear posted: ” Kindness is the word for > this day. It is a state of mind that strengthens you. It is an attitude > that empowers you. It is a key to stabilizing the chaos that surrounds you. > Apply kindness liberally to all you say or do. Have kindness for your fe” >


  2. Lynn Kenney

    Aloha Kind Heart,

    Today and This Weekend….

    I shall promise to have kindness in my heart. Kindness and love for all loved ones and those not known, that may cross ones path. Kindness and love, even if faced with adversity. Kindness and Love , so incredibly powerful, when feeling the same, from loving hearts.

    If feeling other than that, I shall remember… what your whisper is.

    Now your whispers… Alan, your whispers are powerful Mana.
    Feeling so incredibly grateful for your message.

    …..and yes, that young lady is right! Your definitely the sunshine blogger today ! (Love that girl, your awesome)

    May the sun radiate through out your being, and through that radiating love, may it be felt by your most precious loved ones. May the stars always remind you why you are here…

    ~ Lynnie 💫


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