Eat Desert First . . .

Break the patterns your mind and ego demand of you.

Eat desert first and then eat breakfast.

State the answer first and then ask the question.

Say no when your heart tells you that something will not serve you.

Be creative and break the patterns that keep you small and trapped.

It Is The Misfits That Move The World Forward

It is the misfits and the outsiders that are moving the world forward. They are not spectators sitting on the sidelines. They step into the arena and battle the demons of everyday existence and open the doors to new possibilities for everyone.

They create contrasts that bring beauty to the tapestry of everyday life. They understand that life, like nature, is ever changing, and they are willing to embrace the change.

The outsiders and the misfits are the true heroes and their story must be told and never allowed to die. It is important to understand that everyone, yes everyone, has moments when they see themselves as an outsider and as a misfit.

Look For The Fun Spots . . .

Look for the fun spots . . . they are everywhere, but they are not always obvious. Sometimes they hide hoping you will look for them, sort of a cosmic game of hide and seek.

They are not like rides at Disneyland, pre-programmed to entertain. You know you have found one when you smile for no reason. They are everywhere, and they are always defined by you.

Small Simple Steps . . .


Find peace in the small, simple steps.

Do not become swept away and trapped by attempting the complex dance steps of the world. This dance will tangle up your arms and feet and confuse you; for it is based upon the myth of perfection, and perfections is always fed by the ego.