Finding Calm . . .

To comprehend the calm you must first experience the hurricane.

To comprehend the power of the silence you must first hear the chaos.

To embody love you must first experience the vision of fear.

For it is through these contrasts that will emerge the teaching. And it is for this reason that you have been given the gifts of contrasting experiences.

Problems . . .

Problems . . .

The saying goes . . . “For every problem there is a solution.”  What if the situation was not labeled a problem?  Would there still be need of a solution?

Or would the situation in question simply be the normal flow of events in that particular moment . . . and by labeling it a problem you immediately bring the energy level down and the stress level up.

Fascinating concept isn’t it.

Finding Peace . . .

You cannot buy peace for it cannot be held in your hand . . . taken to the store clerk and purchased with money. That which you hold in your hand is fleeting . . . time always outlasts it . . . time always wins.

So we remind you to experience peace in each moment . . . which is given to you as a gift. The peace you experience . . . if you allow yourself to see it . . . is your gift. Enjoy.

Take Your Eyes Off Yourself . . .

Take your eyes off yourself and place your focus on the horizon. It is of no value to count what you perceive you have or do not have . . . take your eyes off yourself. You must see beyond that which you believe you know . . . for you know very little of what is truly there waiting for you. The counting only makes you sad, worried and small. However, keep counting if this is how you wish to feel.

You have heard the words “Love life and it will love you back” . . . and we simply say . . . yes it will.

Look Out To The Horizon . . .

When you look out toward the horizon there is a vast panorama of possibilities before you. Continue to look to the horizon . . . however understand that as you are looking . . . you are not seeing everything that is there. In fact, more is unseen than is being perceived by your eyes . . . so do not judge the horizon by what you think is missing and that which you do not see . . . for you are seeing only with your eyes.

To see the unseen . . . you must see with your heart. As you do . . . so much more will be revealed to your eyes. And, most importantly, much more will unfold and come into your experience.

Yes, do not judge the horizon . . . or anything . . . by what you may see only with your eyes.

The Wind . . .

The Wind . . .

You can’t see the wind . . . but you know it is there . . . it exists. You can’t see it with your eyes but you feel it . . . you experience it. At times you can see its impact by the movement of the leaves in the tress . . . but still you cannot actually see the wind.

Much of life is that way . . . you must feel it . . . experience its impact . . . not observe it with only your eyes to know that it is real.