There Is Happiness To Be Found . . .

There is happiness to be found under every rock when you begin to see a rock as much more than a simple piece of stone.

Apply this principle to the people you meet this day. It is all about uncovering and exploring. For everyone has the capacity to make you smile. Everyone has the capacity to help you see goodness. Everyone has the capacity to help you feel happiness.

Do not be fooled by the hard, outer surface. Know that there is much more inside if you truly wish to see the total person. Everyone is a gift, if you simply take time to unwrap them.

All That Is Required Is Your Love . . .

All that is required is your love. For what you ask? For everything we reply. Yes, it really is that simple and basic.

Make this your living legacy that will far outlive anything you can do or create of a material nature.

Love of life . . . love of others . . . love of yourself and the beauty you embody. This is your living legacy that will live far beyond the existence of your physical body.

Say Yes . . .

Say yes to balance.

Say yes to space.

Say yes to quieting your mind.

Say yes to listening to your heart.

Say yes to softness.

Say yes to open doors and embracing infinite possibilities.

Say yes to health.

Saying yes implies you believe at a heart level, which is infinitely stronger than believing at a mind level.

Say yes to life.

Saying yes does not mean that challenges will disappear, however saying yes allows you to see through the challenges with strength and clarity, ultimately leading to peace.

Eat Desert First . . .

Break the patterns your mind and ego demand of you.

Eat desert first and then eat breakfast.

State the answer first and then ask the question.

Say no when your heart tells you that something will not serve you.

Be creative and break the patterns that keep you small and trapped.

It Is The Misfits That Move The World Forward

It is the misfits and the outsiders that are moving the world forward. They are not spectators sitting on the sidelines. They step into the arena and battle the demons of everyday existence and open the doors to new possibilities for everyone.

They create contrasts that bring beauty to the tapestry of everyday life. They understand that life, like nature, is ever changing, and they are willing to embrace the change.

The outsiders and the misfits are the true heroes and their story must be told and never allowed to die. It is important to understand that everyone, yes everyone, has moments when they see themselves as an outsider and as a misfit.