Question For Today . . .


The question for today:

How do we deal with the divisiveness and hate that is swirling around us?

Perhaps the answer is:

Take a moment to pause, silence your mind and breathe.

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Being Awake or Being On Guard . . .

There is a difference between being awake and being on guard. Being awake opens your mind and heart to seeing and hearing the infinite possibilities. Being on guard pushes fear to the forefront and clouds the reality of the moment.

A seemingly subtle difference; however, it is a difference of dramatic proportions.

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Thinking and Planning . . .

Think, but do not think to the point of confusion. Plan, but do not over-plan to the point of becoming overwhelmed.

The act of thinking and the act of planning are not to be avoided. The acts of obsessive thinking and obsessive planning, however, have no place in your life.

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Age Is Never An Issue . . .


Focus on new possibilities . . .

Be open to new ideas . . .

Keep your creativity alive and vibrant.

Remember, age is never an issue.

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Kindness . . .


Kindness . . . coupled with an open heart is so necessary this day for a world that is in pain. Each interaction you have makes a difference and is important. The world will begin to heal, one loving interaction, one kind person at a time.

This day . . . be that person. The world is waiting!

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Wisdom Comes In Many Forms . . .

Wisdom comes in many forms . . . often wrapped in surprising packages topped with a bow of hope and love. For you see . . . wisdom is a gift that when you first receive it . . . only seems like any other experience . . . nothing special. However with further observation . . . further reflection . . . the gift of wisdom reveals itself.

Wisdom is not a person, place or thing . . . it is the culminating experiences of multiple people, places and things that shine a light of love and peace upon the human experience. It is timeless with many colors and many sounds . . . the true result of all creativity . . . of your creativity. Honor the wisdom embedded in your creativity.

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Speak Your Truth . . .


Stand tall and speak your “Truth”. Understand however, that your “Truth” is not a single thing. Your “Truth” is anything you share or express that is open, honest and vulnerable. And most importantly, that shines a light upon your true values.

Caution however, don’t hide behind your values, or it simply becomes judging.

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Moments Of Kindness . . .


What our world needs this day is kindness.

Become that moment of kindness in another person’s life this day. You will not make the Headlines or the TV Evening News . . . but you will make someone else’s day brighter. If we all did this for one person each day, what a difference our world would be.

And yes, it can begin with you . . . .

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A New Year’s Goal . . .

Your goal for the New Year:

Be Awake . . . it is the key to reducing stress and expanding creativity.

Be the Peace moving softly through life.

Breathe more.

Flow more.

Then Listen to your Heart!

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Silently send forth love to all mankind . . . yes all.

See the connections and forgive the differences that divide.

Yes . . . as one person . . .  you can make a difference.



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