Teach But Don’t Preach . . .

This day nourish your heart and soul with positive words of encouragement. Begin with those powerful words of encouragement for yourself. Then do the same for those people you encounter throughout the day.

Words evoke energy, be it positive or negative. To the best of your ability choose thoughts and words that uplift and do not tear down, whether you are speaking of yourself or others.

Teach, but don’t preach.

Teaching uses words that gently help others learn and grow.

Preaching uses words that can have hard edges and can evoke fear.

This day be a teacher not a preacher.

Life Can Be Complicated

Daily life can be complicated and challenging; however, be awake and in the moment and you will observe that:

  • Today is a day for softness and no hard edges.
  • Today is a day to embrace the beauty that surrounds you.
  • Today is a day for joy and looking for fun spots.
  • Today is a day to count and acknowledge all your blessings, for when you pause and reflect, you will see you are blessed.
  • Today is a day to see the goodness that resides within all people you encounter. They come in all sizes, shapes and ages, each with their own story. See the light that shines within the heart and soul of each one without judging their outer trappings.

Yes, life can be complicated and challenging; however, it is so much more!

Be Powerfully Soft . . .

Be powerfully soft like the water flowing down the mountainside stream. Soft to the touch . . . a provider for life in all its forms . . . flowing together with the streams that are its sisters and brothers to enrich the world. Powerful when need be . . . gently flowing at times . . . but never giving up its softness or its power . . . for the essence of water . . . just as the essence of you this day . . . is very much needed by the world it interacts with . . . softly . . . powerfully . . . flowing.

When you meet an obstacle . . . a so-called rock in your path . . . gently flow around it, over it, under it. With persistence you will softly, powerfully wear it down so that it impedes you no longer.

Be the softness and power of the mountain stream this day in all you do . . . flowing to the ocean of all possibilities.

Wisdom In Not Knowing What Tomorrow Brings . . .

There is wisdom in not knowing what tomorrow brings. Have dreams about what you desire; however, and this is very important, have no expectations as to how the dreams will unfold. The true gifts are in the surprises of the unknowns.

There is no safety in hanging on to what you think you know. Your power and wisdom are in what you do not know. Allow it to softly unfold.