It’s All About What You Feed Your Mind . . .

It’s all about what you feed your mind. Words in thought form are powerful, for they can evoke emotional feelings. If you become confused or concerned about how you are feeling, pause and reflect upon what you have been thinking and feeding your mind. Become aware of negative thought patterns and choose not to participate.

Be at Peace my friend . . . be at Peace.

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Be The Peace (Piece) . . .

Be the peace (piece) that is missing in much of today’s dialogue. Engage your mind and heart to speak words that empower and uplift, and will shine a light into the darkness.

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Stop Trying To Make Everyone Into Your Image . . .

Stop trying to make everyone into your image of who or what you believe they should be. It is the uniqueness of each individual that makes the world more beautiful and vibrant. And . . . if you open your heart . . . and yes also if you open your mind . . .  you can learn from each person that you encounter.

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Today Is Not About Doing . . .

Today is not about doing
Today is about being.
Keep that
Peaceful easy feeling.
Today is a day to share
From your heart
For a world in need
Of love
Of Healing
Of Hope.

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You Can’t See The Wind . . .

You can’t see the wind . . . but you know it is there . . . it exists. You can’t see it with your eyes but you feel it . . . you experience it. At times you can see its impact by the movement of the leaves in the tress . . . but still you cannot actually see the wind.

Much of life is that way . . . you must feel it . . . experience its impact . . . not observe it with only your eyes to know that it is real. Feel and experience this day. Feel the joy that cannot be seen with your eyes. Feel and experience love this day. It cannot be seen or measured with your eyes. This day feel and experience life.

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Fear and Anger . . .

“Fear and anger are the two emotions that mess us up the most.”

Tony Robbins


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Appreciate The Wind . . .

Appreciate the wind. Do not measure or judge it . . . but see it for what it is . . . playing its part as an integral part of nature and life.

Sometimes it seems soft and gentle . . . at times cooling and refreshing . . . sometimes loud and strong demanding that it be noticed.

Yes . . . appreciate the wind for all it is . . . playing an integral part of life . . . just as you are.

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Stop Looking In The Mirror . . .

Stop looking in the mirror. See beyond the image of the mirror and keep your eyes on the horizon.

The mirror is a hard surface . . . the horizon is soft.

The mirror keeps you trapped . . . the horizon sets you free.

The mirror tells stories of smallness . . . the horizon embraces your bigness.

The mirror is your ego . . . the horizon is your universe. Keep your eyes on the horizon.

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Be Powerfully Soft . . .

Be powerfully soft like the water flowing down the mountainside stream. Soft to the touch . . . a provider for life in all its forms . . . flowing together with the streams that are its sisters and brothers to enrich the world. Powerful when need be . . . gently flowing at times . . . but never giving up its softness or its power . . . for the essence of water . . . just as the essence of you this day . . . is very much needed by the world it interacts with . . . softly . . . powerfully . . . flowing.

When you meet an obstacle . . . a so-called rock in your path . . . gently flow around it, over it, under it. With persistence you will softly, powerfully wear it down so that it impedes you no longer.

Be the softness and power of the mountain stream this day in all you do . . . flowing to the ocean of all possibilities.

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A Time Of Contrasts . . .

You are living at a time of contrasts between beauty and darkness. The beauty is real, and so is the darkness.

Do not become distracted and focus upon the beauty; however, acknowledge the fact that there is darkness so that you will be awake and not be inclined to stumble down that path.

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