Moments Of Kindness . . .


What our world needs this day is kindness.

Become that moment of kindness in another person’s life this day. You will not make the Headlines or the TV Evening News . . . but you will make someone else’s day brighter. If we all did this for one person each day, what a difference our world would be.

And yes, it can begin with you . . . .

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A New Year’s Goal . . .

Your goal for the New Year:

Be Awake . . . it is the key to reducing stress and expanding creativity.

Be the Peace moving softly through life.

Breathe more.

Flow more.

Then Listen to your Heart!

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Silently send forth love to all mankind . . . yes all.

See the connections and forgive the differences that divide.

Yes . . . as one person . . .  you can make a difference.



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Just Saying . . .

The theme of this time of year used to be “Peace on earth and good will to men and women”. Regardless of your political persuasion . . . we encourage you to stop and take a moment to reflect upon this holiday theme that seems to be lost within the chaos.

Just saying . . .

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Listen To Your Heart . . .




Take time today to quiet your mind and listen to your heart . . . .

Really Listen . . . for it has important things to say.

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Kindness Is Often Misunderstood.

“Kindness” Created by Marylou Falstreau



Kindness is often misunderstood. The more kindness you share, the more kindness you will experience, and the brighter your day becomes. Today be awake and aware sharing Random Acts Of Kindness.

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Imperfect People Doing Imperfect Things . . .

Why are you surprised that imperfect people do imperfect things. By the way, all of us were created imperfect so that we would be able to learn and grow. The real issue becomes when some people fight against the concept of learning and growing.

Another way of expressing this is; some people are not conscious of the importance of waking up to their full potential and they then stay trapped within their ego driven mind.

The purpose of life is to consciously learn and grow so that you will contribute to the collective good, and not become destructive.

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Just A Thought To Consider . . .

We know it is hard not to judge and take sides with all of the chaos and divisiveness swirling around you. However, we encourage you to restrain from judging as it evokes the wrong emotions, destructive emotions that help no one, and in particular the judging hurts you.

We encourage you instead to be Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude. And don’t forget to add to this Joy and Happiness.

We all live in a world that needs an infusion of love, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and happiness. Consider them the “Big Five” for attaining clarity, empathy and a purposeful life.

Just a thought to consider . . .

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Be The Peace Within The Chaos . . .

Be the Peace within the chaos . . .

Be the Joy within the season . . .

Be the Kindness within the divisiveness . . .

Be the Light within the darkness.

It is important to understand that to do this, you must be awake and in the present moment with an open heart and open hands to receive the Peace.

“Angel Wings” created by Marylou Falstreau

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They Do Not Define You . . .

“They” do not define you; so do not relinquish your power which is embedded in love, forgiveness and gratitude.

At the same time do not judge “Them” for what they cannot see or understand, as “They” at this time are either not awake or on a different path.

To the best of your ability within each moment, embrace and live the energy of love, forgiveness and gratitude. Even in those moments when “Others” may not understand why.

In particular in those times when “Others” may not understand why.


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