Fear and Anger . . .

sunFear at times is a dangerous untrustworthy motivator that only builds walls and destroys the potential for meaningful relationships.

Anger is fear’s bodyguard, which is why it is so dangerous, and turns good people into a destructive force.

Kindness matters.

Empathy matters.

Compassion matters.

Be the light, not a contributor to fear and anger.

Shedding The Encumbrances . . .

P-24 Freedom


It is time to begin shedding the encumbrances, which you have collected such as, judging, measuring, worry and fear. As you are beginning to clearly see there is absolutely no reason to continue to hang on to them. No matter what your mind tries to tell you from time to time, there is no rational reason to hang on to the judging, measuring, worry or fear . . . unless of course, you enjoy the role of being a victim.

Fear Is Not A Motivator . . .

ChaosThose that tell you that fear is a motivator do not understand the power fear has to emotionally cripple and lead you down the wrong path. Awareness is what is needed. Be aware of the speeding car but do not be afraid of it. It is then that you are able to take action.

“It’s The Stories You Tell That Color Your Life”