If Everyday Were Sunny And Bright . . .


If every day were sunny, bright and pleasantly warm you would soon become blinded to its beauty and richness. The Stormy day brings contrast and allows the warm sunshine to be fully enjoyed.

If every person and every relationship was always joyful, exuberant and warm, you would be blinded to their beauty and richness. Yes, once again, stormy people allow contrast so the warmth of others can be fully enjoyed.

The Trail You Have Walked . . .

Happy Lady

You are the accumulation of the trail you have walked in the past that has led you to this moment in time.

There are many pieces of this puzzle that make up the picture of who you have become. Yes, from time to time pieces are missing temporarily, lost in time. But when the time is right they return to complete the picture of who you truly are now, in this moment.

A Review For You This Day . . .


May we review for you this day a few things.

First: Please, to the best of your earthly ability approach each new day without specific expectations for future moments. There is however, one exception to this suggestion and that is to expect only what is best for you in each new moment. Please understand that this includes challenges to help you grow as well as beautiful sunrises that make your heart sing.

Second: Love is the answer. It is always the ultimate answer.

Third: The ability to forgive others always begins by first forgiving yourself.

And last: Be grateful for all of this.

Today’s Important Decision . . .

P-30 Possibilities

The only important decision you need to make this day is to love and forgive. What you ask? And we reply, “why everything of course”.

And that my friends is the message for today and each new today as it unfolds. This creates the energy field of abundance and all possibilities.

Image by Marylou Falstreau http://www.MFalstreau.com