Greetings From Grass Valley – My Hometown

It’s a quiet day in Grass Valley, here in the heart of California’s Historic Gold Rush country. The sky above is blue, temperature in the 80’s with the promise of cooling off to the high 60’s overnight, which means we can sleep with the windows open, breathing in the fresh mountain air.

School is out, so those kids who have access to a car are spending the day at the Yuba River, while the younger kids are home bugging their mothers (who are already counting the days until school begins again).

Grass Valley’s stores and restaurants are buzzing with tourists from all parts of the country and the world. This is a vibrant, fun time in our little piece of paradise.

It has also been a busy time for our Law Enforcement Officers. Here are the details from “The Police Blotter” for Friday June 28, 2018, as reported in The Grass Valley Union Newspaper.

~ A caller from the 100 block of East Main Street reported waiting in his brother’s car and someone threw a firecracker in the vehicle. The caller said it burned his wrist.

~ A caller from the 400 block of Nimrod Street reported a man in the woods possibly having an argument with himself.

~ A caller from the 100 block of Neal Street reported two men running out of a store, the larger man in front yelling for help and another chasing him.

~ A caller from the 10000 block of Walker Drive left the line open. A women was talking about Jordan basketball shoes and how often she cleans them to keep them nice. A pocket dial was verified.

~ 6:45 am – A caller from Ballantree Lane reported loose pigs in the area.

~ 8:49 am – A caller from Ballantree Lane reported the pigs were back.

~ A caller from Francis Drive reported she showed up at the house and was locked out by her husband. The caller said both parties are crazy, but he shouldn’t be doing this because he knew she was crazy before he married her 32 years ago.

That’s all the news for now from Grass Valley, California – My Home Town.

Have a magical day!



Special Edition of Whispers . . .

Marylou and I have spent the last week moving to the Sierras of Northern California.

Our New Office & StudioOur beautiful new studio occupies the upstairs at 138 E. Main Street in the Historic Gold Rush Town of Grass Valley California. If you are ever in the area, please drop by and say Hi!

During our move from the desert of Southern California we learned many lessons. Here are two I would like to share with you:

Planning is good; obsession over the planning is not. The key to planning is an attitude of flexibility and allowing for plans to change in order to create a better flow. Do not hold on to what does not serve you.

And . . .

It does not matter if busyness and chaos surround you. Keep your focus on the beauty that can be found in each moment, remembering that at times you must look below the surface to see it.

 All the best to you this day!