Feel and Experience . . .


You can’t see the wind . . . but you know it is there . . . it exists. You can’t see it with your eyes but you feel it . . . you experience it. At times you can see its impact by the movement of the leaves in the tress . . . but still you cannot actually see the wind.

Much of life is that way . . . you must feel it . . . experience its impact . . . not observe it with only your eyes to know that it is real. Feel and experience this day. Feel the joy that cannot be seen always with your eyes. Feel and experience love this day. It cannot be seen or measured with your eyes. Feel and experience.

Happiness Is A Choice You Make Each Day . . .

Flying Man

Happiness is a choice you make each day . . . or not . . . if another emotion feels stronger. Happiness is always an option no matter where you find yourself.

Your attitude in any given moment determines the steps you are able to take. Your attitude in any given moment determines the clarity you have for making choices. Your attitude in any given moment sends forth energy to the world and all its creatures. Your attitude in any given moment does make a difference, even when you try to rationalize it away with the stories you tell.

If Everyday Were Sunny And Bright . . .


If every day were sunny, bright and pleasantly warm you would soon become blinded to its beauty and richness. The Stormy day brings contrast and allows the warm sunshine to be fully enjoyed.

If every person and every relationship was always joyful, exuberant and warm, you would be blinded to their beauty and richness. Yes, once again, stormy people allow contrast so the warmth of others can be fully enjoyed.

The Trail You Have Walked . . .

Happy Lady

You are the accumulation of the trail you have walked in the past that has led you to this moment in time.

There are many pieces of this puzzle that make up the picture of who you have become. Yes, from time to time pieces are missing temporarily, lost in time. But when the time is right they return to complete the picture of who you truly are now, in this moment.

Dance Like No One is Watching . . .

Woo HooDance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Color outside the lines. Risk following your heart, then simply trust in the results.

If at times you should encounter failure, learn from it and once again . . .

Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Color outside the lines. Risk following your heart.

This is how beauty is uncovered. This is how happiness is experienced. Most importantly, this is how life is discovered.

See each new day as an audition for life. Don’t play it safe . . . live life.

The Mystery of Happiness . . .

Heart ManThe mystery of happiness is to relax in each moment, not absorbing any of the chaos swirling around you. Relax in to each moment and smile with your heart, which has nothing to do with the look on your face. Take in deep breaths of air to feed your body, mind and soul. Each and every cell of your body is strengthened in this way.

Breathe in life, breathe in joy and breathe in happiness. This creates a beautiful life.  For you see, this can take place anywhere, with anyone, in any circumstance.

Love your Self enough to relax, smile with your heart, and breath.