Honor Who You Are . . .


Honor who you are. Do not allow others to attempt to remake you into the image they have of themselves.

At the same time, honor them for who they are and do not attempt to make them into the image of who you think they should be.

Most importantly, honor the beauty of the contrasting images of all people.

Be Real In All You Do . . .

Be real in all you do and say. There is no need to be a “people pleaser” in a world that is filled full of people walking around with artificial facades, spewing platitudes of what they think others want them, as well as you, to say and be.

Be true to yourself and as a result, you will be real to all those you may encounter.

Please note: we didn’t say this will be easy, however we do say that this is very important.

The Misfits . . .

It is the misfits . . . the outsiders that move the world forward. They are not spectators sitting on the sidelines. They step into the arena and battle the demons of everyday existence and open the doors to new possibilities for everyone.

They create the contrasts that bring beauty to the tapestry of everyday life. They understand that life, like nature, is ever changing . . . and they are willing to embrace the change.

The outsiders and the misfits are the true heroes . . . and their story must be told and never allowed to die. It is important to understand that everyone, yes everyone, has moments when they see themselves as an outsider . . . as a misfit.

Words Are Powerful . . .

Words are powerful, choose them wisely for the words you choose impact your thoughts, which then translate into actions, be they positive or negative.

Pay attention to the words you choose to put into your mind and memory. The more you focus on a thought pattern, the deeper it becomes ingrained in your mind and will affect your ensuing action.

Yes, words are powerful . . . choose them wisely.

Words of Fear bring more fear . . .

Words of Love bring more love . . .

Words of less than bring you smallness . . .

Words of encouragement bring you growth.

It’s really your choice, the words you speak and think.

Breathe Deep . . .

Breathe deep and let the oxygen heal your mind, body and soul.

Breathe deep.

Soft, steady steps. Consciously take soft, steady steps without allowing any one thought to dominate or overwhelm you.

Take soft, steady steps.

There is nothing to fear, you are on the right path.

This will bring clarity and dissolve the chaos that surrounds you.

Breath and take soft steady steps throughout the day and you will reach your destination in a powerful way.

Do not fear the unknown. Do not fear the future. We are here with you even in those times when you cannot hear us.

Please remember: You hear and understand best when, throughout the day, you breathe, quiet your mind, and then take small, steady steps.

You Can’t Think Small and Expect Big

You can’t think small and expect Big.

Now is not the time for small thoughts and small actions. See beyond what your mind tells you that keeps you small. Smallness is no longer an acceptable alternative.

Remember two things:

  1. Everything is energy – either positive or negative
  2. You are not alone on your journey.

You can’t think small and expect Big.