Your Strengths and Weaknesses

To truly love yourself you must first look inward and allow your heart to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Please note: do not allow your ego to label your weaknesses as faults, for they are not and this form of labeling is what leads you down the road of victimhood.

Allow your heart to love and embrace your strengths and weaknesses. Understand they are both important, for they make up the beautiful and unique you….and therein lies much to love.

Acknowledge your strengths and distribute them widely. Acknowledge your weaknesses and ask for help and assistance in these areas.

This is the answer you have been waiting for.

Love The Challenge . . . It Makes You Strong


When you feel challenged do not become defensive, but love the challenge. Love what is difficult and it will make you strong. Love what scares you and it will make you calm. Love what worries you and it will dissolve your fear.

Love dissolves the obstacles in your life, even when you are unaware of them. Send love in all things.