Breathe and Receive During This New Year . . .

Mountain BirdAt this major turning point of the calendar, pause and reflect upon all you have accomplished. More importantly pause and reflect upon how you have grown and awakened.

Continue to flow as your heart guides you, with no expectations as to how everything will unfold. This allows for all possibilities to merge and connect for your greatest good.

Breathe and receive.

Embrace This New Year . . .

Heart Man

Now is the time to embrace feelings of peace and confidence as your journey continues to unfold. Acknowledge and release those things (and the stories you tell about them) that no longer serve you. It is time to let go.

There is no need to be offended or to share stories of judgment and complaint. Speak only words, to yourself and others, that generate loving energy. Understand that in each moment what is ,”Is”… and who you are, is who you are. When you attempt to change either of these truths in judgmental ways, hard stressful energy is created. However, when you understand that what is happening in this moment and who you are in this moment are both as they should be, then loving energy is created.

Remember . . . “It’s The Stories You Tell That Color Your Life”.